AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation

NEOGEN®’s new AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) is a complete sanitation monitoring system comprising a handheld instrument, innovative samplers, and data manager software, designed to verify your cleaning processes by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP). After cleaning your environment, measuring the amount of ATP present on a surface or in liquids allows you to verify your cleaning processes have been effective.

AccuPoint Advanced NG is also ideal in the healthcare setting, reducing the risk of environmentally transmitted infections. By verifying your sanitation procedures, you can be confident of your healthcare environment’s cleanliness while lowering the chance of a Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) outbreak. The AccuPoint Advanced NG instrument has received AOAC PTM approval, an external verification from top industry experts who have stringently reviewed that our system produces consistent and reliable data for evaluating sanitation program effectiveness.