Starter Set Contam® Cube

Manufactured in Germany, assists ladies who suffer from Stress Incontinence due to various factors.

Contam, a tampon that can be used for the natural self-treatment of incontinence and prolapses to maintain or restore your quality of life. It does not affect vaginal secretions or the natural vaginal flora. The raw material used in Contam® is a toxicologically and dermatologically harmless foam.

Knowing that many ladies, specially the younger generation who have had multiple or in some cases even single pregnancy, suffer from urinary incontinence during sport, we would like to introduce CONTAM which would aid in having a more pleasant exercise session without having to worry about leakage or unpleasant odor. CONTAM in addition to the pelvic floor exercises will in long term give ladies more confidence.

Our starter set (prescribable) consists of 3 tampons (1 each of the sizes 1, 2, 3), allowing you to choose the required size individually.